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The Community Desk Specialist is responsible for the scheduling of the 200+ Office Assistants that support the Front Desk operations that are 24/7. On top of the front desk operations, University Housing Services has an additional 80+ students assistants that work on the administrative side. Efficiency and accuracy are critical in an environment like San Jose State University, a thriving higher education setting with 36,000 students (4,000 of which live on campus), 6 buildings with 24-hour staffed desks every day of the week, and up to 280 student employees at a time.

Prior to implementing When I Work, the Community Desk Specialist spent much of their time struggling to keep up with shift swaps, payroll, accurately tracking overtime, and managing various scheduling limitations. That is when University Housing Services turned to When I Work to manage shifts and attendance—all on one platform with accuracy and efficiency.

When I Work cut down the scheduling process from 20 hours to 2 hours per week— a 90% reduction in time spent. With Auto Scheduling dramatically reducing the time spent managing employees’ time, it takes just 1 person and 2 student assistants to manage the entire schedule.

Features like Auto Scheduling and the ability to create templates for each building and every shift, means with the hit of a button, conflicts are immediately addressed, unique scheduling limitations for students are incorporated, and overtime is accounted for.

The Community Desk Specialist can now focus their attention and energy into long-term strategic goals, improving processes with the front desk operations that will help the university’s vision to better serve students and the community. The ease and accuracy gives peace of mind that employee scheduling, pay, and shifts are running smoothly without the time impact of manually managing each building and employee.

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