How a Digital Task List Increased Staff Efficiency

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98% task completion rate

Prior to using When I Work to manage tasks, Ryn Grant used laminated task lists, where her staff would frequently forget to mark tasks as completed. In addition every time she wanted to add a new task, she had to do the time consuming work of re-printing and laminating the list.

Ryn was excited to try Tasks by When I Work. She mentioned, “it was really easy to setup and took no time at all. Now when I have a new task to add, I can quickly add it to the current task list and I don’t have to make, print, and laminate an entire new list.” Using tasks saves her time and holds her employees more accountable. There are no more excuses and employees know that management has visibility into what is getting done and who is assigned to that task.

Tasks have also helped her employees be more efficient when working together by giving everyone visibility into the progress of a task list. This has helped reduce the labor hours spent closing the store. With 2-3 closers every night, her team can work together and save time. She also mentioned, “My young employees love the convenience of using the app to manage tasks. They no longer have to holler at each other about who swept and run back and forth to check the list.”

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