Switching to Tasks Saved 4 Hours a Week

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Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada and has been delivering an empowering education to students for the last five decades. The Student Life Center is a bar and restaurant in the Student Union with 50 student workers.

Lua Turcotte is the Operations Manager at the Student Life Center. Prior to using When I Work to manage tasks, she was printing multiple Excel spreadsheets full of tasks to be completed everyday. This process was very time consuming, taking Lua up to 5 hours each week. To make matters worse, employees weren’t completing tasks consistently because they were forgetting to complete tasks on the paper checklists.

Lua decided she needed to change her task management process. When setting up Tasks in When I Work, she had her staffcreate a KPI for task completion rates. The staff members set an aggressive goal of 80% task completion for every shift. By being able to complete tasks on their phones, Lua has seen increased accountability with staffand they achieved a 95% completion rate at the end of the training period.

Lua is now spending less than an hour a week on task management and appreciates having a digital task list on her phone, saying “If something does go wrong, I’ve got it at my fingertips.”

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