How Elephants Deli switched to When I Work in 2 weeks

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Roz Catania is the Operations Trainer at Elephants Delicatessen. In the past 40 years they have grown from 1 deli location to 5 delis, 2 restaurants, a central production kitchen, and a headquartered oice which allowed them to oer catering, delivery, as well as 7 retail locations and an online store. With 18 scheduling managers and 270 employees, they had outgrown their previous soware of 22 years and only had two weeks before their contract was supposed to expire. Roz was able to get their 270 employees o-boarded from the previous scheduling soware company and on-boarded to When I Work before the 2 week deadline. Aer using When I Work they are now able to have all employees on a single platform to communicate, find coverage for shifts and share availability.

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